Find out how much you can save by going Solar
Find out how much you can save by switching to Solar Power
Use our FREE Solar Calculator to get an estimate of your Solar System cost, how many Solar Panels your property needs & how much money you can save over time. Our calculator is free & easy to use!
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Factors to keep in mind:
• Roof Orientation
• Your Electric Bill
• Roof Tilt
• Electricity price in your area
• Sunlight Exposure
• Calculator based on $.18¢ a kWh
• Results based on a 5 Hour Sunlight exposure
Please keep in mind that this is an average estimate. To find out which Rebates, Incentives & Programs are available, fill out the contact form & request a quote for a more accurate quote.
Remember, many local & government Incentives & Solar Rebates are ending soon, take advantage now & save up to 40% on the total cost of your Solar System for your Home or Business.
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