Switch to Solar Power for your Commercial or Retail Property & Enjoy all the benefits it can provide you with, including Federal, Government & State Rebates & Incentives for Solar Power Customers, & most important of all, keep your business protected during severe weather & unexpected blackouts that can last for days. Make the switch to Solar Power & stay protected!
Commercial Solar
Upgrading the Energy Systems in your Commercial Property may be the answer to your power cost concerns. Solar Energy is the future & the reason why more properties are implementing this method into their designs. But even if you have an already established property, you can easily upgrade it with Solar Systems that provide FREE Energy to your property. There are numerous benefits you can witness by making this bold decision. If you're considering transforming your property with Solar Energy, then iGreen Remodeling is the place to contact. By going solar with us, you can save up to 90% on your monthly electricity bill.
commercial solar power
Commercial Solar
Here is a simple diagram that shows how you can generate your own clean & more affordable energy from sunlight using iGreen Remodeling solar energy systems for your business.
1. Solar panels absorb energy from the sun & convert it into DC electricity.

2. Since your business runs on alternating current (AC) electricity, the inverter converts the DC electricity generated by the solar panels so it can be used as AC electricity.

3. The AC electricity out from your inverter is then sent to your businesses electrical panel where it in turn powers all that is connected to it, such as lights, computers, machinery, etc.

4. The utility meter measures your energy use. You can be sure that this will go down considerably once your system is in place.

5. Your business is still connected to the grid so when the sun goes down at night you'll still be powered.

6. Our proprietary monitoring system continuously tracks your system's energy production & ensures that your solar power system is running smoothly. Should any problem or abnormal circumstance occur, our team will be on it.

Solar Support
Why iGreen Remodeling for Commercial Solar Installations
At iGreen Remodeling, we have over 25 years of experience in Solar System Installations. We provide our services to Business Owners, Schools, Government Offices & Industrial Complexes. Our Licensed, Bonded & Insured Contractors can install Solar Systems on properties, large or small. Our goal is to help our customers meet their energy needs, while saving money.
The Many Benefits of Going Solar
Commercial Properties have an opportunity to go Solar & save. Countless Commercial Properties throughout California & Texas are doing just that with the assistance of iGreen Remodeling. By upgrading your Commercial building with Solar Systems, you can witness all sorts of savings. For instance, you can lower your Monthly Power Costs due to the fact you're no longer relying solely on the Power Grid. With the right Solar Panel set up, you can use most of your energy from the Sun. Then if you really want to lighten your dependence on the power grid, you can opt for a battery back up system that will provide you with continuous power even after the Sun sets.
At iGreen Remodeling, we can set this all up for you. Besides the long-term Cost-Savings of setting up your Solar Panels, you can also witness upfront savings. The government awards Tax Breaks & Rebates to Commercial Property Owners that install Solar Systems onto their properties.
Commercial Solar Energy
The Solar Installation Process
There's a design & planning process that you must undergo once you decide to have a solar system installed on your Commercial Property. A consultation is provided to you, which will include an iGreen Adviser coming to your business to analyze & audit the property. We will determine how much power your property currently uses & the amount you spend Monthly & Annually to operate your company.
Our goal is to help you lower your Energy Costs, so we'll identify the best Solar System & installation design to accommodate this. During the design phase, we keep clients in the loop so they have a say in the set up. Any questions or concerns you have will be addressed right away by our experts. We try to keep the solar installation as fast as possible, so that you can begin saving on your power consumption reduction as soon as possible.
When it comes to the cost of the Solar System installation, we go over your Financial capabilities & come up with a financing plan. We offer various financing options to our Commercial Customers, which you can inquire about by calling our office. After the installation is complete, we have an inspection performed to ensure everything is working properly. Whenever you need repairs or maintenance for your system, don't hesitate to contact our solar experts.
Solar Installation
Upgrade Your Business with Solar Panels
If you're interested in harnessing the power of the Sun & using it to lower your Power Costs, as well as your Carbon footprint on the environment, then it's time to start planning your installation. Allow the experts at iGreen Remodeling to assist you in this process. We will provide the knowledge & quality you need to make your investment a worthy one.