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Solar Installation California
Solar demand in California keeps increasing due to the recent fires & blackouts, & the latest reports from SEIA (Solar Energy Industries Association) currently estimates that California's solar capacity powers 4,885,000 homes in the state, making California the biggest Solar Power Consumer in the nation. Due to the severe damaged left behind by the California fires, is estimated that electric companies such as Edison & PG&E will increase their rates & prices will go up. The latest numbers have shown that the average household spend over $300k in electricity consumption in the past 25 years. Don't be depended on the power company, every year more & more electricity power outages & planed shutdowns are coming to you your neighborhood, don't be left in the dark, switch to Solar Power & start saving today.
Solar Rebates & Incentives for 2020*
benefit from all the goverment incentives & switch to Solar Power today
*incentives & rebates are available on both, California & Texas but may vary, depending on state - please contact us for more details
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Solar Installation Texas
As the heart of America’s energy industry, Texas plays an outsize role in all electric industry trends. While the state has installed a considerable amount of solar panels to date, solar only provides a small portion of the state’s total energy. Nevertheless, with strong solar incentives such as utility solar rebate programs & renewable energy property tax exemptions, going solar in the Lone Star state has never been easier. With natural disasters wreaking havoc in states across the nation, solar power can be a life saver. Regardless of the cost of installation, there are many options for solar panel systems. Cash purchases are one common method to pay for solar & often lead to the most long-term value for your money. If an up-front purchase isn’t right for you, solar loans are available to help you finance your solar energy system.

Solar Installtion Texas

including the best

Solar Installation Califonria

can offer. Proffesional Solar Panel Installtion Services in Texas & Solar Panel Installtion Services in California
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iGreen customers electric bill is estimated to be $185 lower that previous bills
Solar Installation
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Smartflower Solar Flower
The Smartflower System is a beautiful & functional solar power device that allows you to pull energy production from the sun to power your home. It's also way easier than installing rooftop solar panels to get your renewable energy. Rooftop systems can be complicated & take up a lot of space.

The solar flower uses a GPS tracker to mimic how a sunflower functions. Throughout the day, sunflowers turn toward the sun to capture more rays. By following this method, the Smartflower uses its sun-tracking system to capture 40 percent more solar energy than a traditional solar panel.

Another great feature about the Smartflower is that it can clean & cool itself without any intervention from its owner. Plus, it also only takes a few hours to assemble & even has eight different colors to choose from.

Solar Installation Brands
iGreen Remodeling Management has been delivering Professional Construction & Remodeling for over 30 years, including Solar Panel Installation services for the past 10 years. With 100's of customers across California & Texas, iGreen's ultimate goal is to provide Homeowners & Business Owners affordable Roofing services & a more trusted way of obtaining their Electric power while saving up to 100% on their Electricity bill. Don't put your life or the life of your loved ones in danger of blackouts & unexpected power shutoffs, switch to Solar Power & enjoy all the benefits it offers. Contact us today & find out why customers are choosing iGreen over the competition has their main Solar Installation provider.
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