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Upgrading your Residential or Commercial Property with Solar Energy may be the best investment you've ever made. The Return of Investment (ROI) you can receive from going Solar proves the value of adding Solar Panels to your property. This is what many of our customers in California & Texas are doing for the properties they own. This includes Residential, Commercial, Non-Profit, Governmental, Educational & Industrial Properties. iGreen Remodeling is a renowned building contractor that specializes in solar installations & Eco-Friendly construction. All of our methods & materials are Eco-Friendly to ensure minimal impact is done on the environment. But to go along with your Solar Panel setup, it's key to consider adding Solar Battery Packs as well!
What Are Solar Battery Packs?
Solar Battery Packs are a network of Batteries that are connected to your Solar Panels to harvest excess energy from the sun. This is the ideal set up to allow your property to consume Solar Energy even after the sun has set & it provides back up Solar Energy in the event of a Power Grid Outage caused by a Storm or other natural disaster. Solar Battery Packs is a backup solution you don't want to ignore for your Commercial or Residential Property. At iGreen Remodeling, we use the best Batteries on the market for your Battery Packs. Based on the Solar Panel set up you have, we will identify the best Batteries to ensure you get the longest lasting performance possible.
Solar Battery Backup
Solar Energy Battery Backup
The Benefits of Installing Solar Battery Packs
It doesn't matter whether you own a Residential or Commercial Property – installing Solar Battery Packs to your Solar System is ideal. Disasters & Outages happen that can cause unwarranted difficulties & even harm. For instance, if you have a Medical Facility with patients that rely on equipment to stay alive, then you can't afford to have an Outage without sufficient Backup. The same goes for various scenarios – caring for children in a School during a Storm, keeping your frozen goods fresh at Home, in the Grocery store, or maintaining Security in a Government Facility. The benefits of Solar Battery Packs outweigh any costs associated with the installation, plus, you'll get a Return on Investment (ROI) that's worth more than money itself.
What to Expect
When you contact iGreen Remodeling for your Solar Energy Installation, you will undergo a quick & seamless process. It's best to have us install your Solar Systems. This way, you're getting quality Solar Panels & Backup Batteries for your property. After contacting iGreen Remodeling, we will send an Expert to your property to do an audit & consultation. You'll speak with one of our friendly Solar Specialists who will identify your Provider's Rate Structure & your past usage. This will help determine the best Solar System & design for your home so you can enjoy the maximum savings possible. Then, we will move on to the Engineering & Permitting phase of the project. Our professionals will Custom Design your Solar System to meet your specific needs. All permits will go through us, so you won't have to worry of the hassle.
Next, comes the installation by one of the finest contractors in the state of California & Texas. Our Licensed Experts will expertly install your Solar System & Battery Packs to ensure everything works accordingly. We will contact your Utility Company to get permission to interconnect to their grid. Once that's out of the way, you're all set to begin benefiting from your new Solar Panel System & Solar Battery Packs.
Now is the time to go Solar. The Contractors & Specialists at iGreen Remodeling are awaiting your call. Contact us today to get a FREE consultation for your Home or Business!
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