Switch to Solar Power for your Residential Property & Enjoy all the benefits it offers, inlcuding Federal & Goverment Rebates & Incentives for Solar Power Customers, & most important of all, keep your family protected during severe weather & unexpected blackouts that can last for days. Make the switch to Solar Power for your home & stay protected!
Residential Solar
As a homeowner, it's your goal to do whatever you can to properly maintain your property. This includes finding ways to sustain it in a cost-effective way. For many residential property owners in California & Texas, this means installing a solar system. A lot of California & Texas homeowners entrust iGreen Remodeling with their solar energy upgrades. This is because we have a 25-year track record for pleasing our clientele. If you are considering going solar, then make sure to give us a call! By going solar with us, you can save up to 90% on your monthly electricity bill.
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Residential Solar
Every solar consultation starts with a quick conversation to determine if solar is right for you. We'll discuss your energy use & calculate your energy savings.
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Residential Solar
Your custom agreement secures your solar energy cost for the next 20 years. Instead of hidden fees, you'll find plenty of guarantees & warranties that protect you & your home.
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Residential Solar
Within days of the solar consultation one of our site surveyors will inspect your roof to take photos & measurements. Our expert engineers will design a solar power system based on your home’s energy needs.
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Residential Solar
Most of our solar system installations take only one day. We handle all permits & inspections also.
Why iGreen for Residential Solar Installations
The experts at iGreen Remodeling offer consulting services to residential customers throughout California. We offer a cleaner & more affordable alternative to energy that attracts environmentally-conscious homeowners. The systems we provide are installed by licensed, bonded & insured contractors. The quality craftsmanship we instill in our constructions are bar none. Plus, we only use renewable, sustainable materials. The top priority of our business is to reduce the environmental impact we have on this earth. And in doing so, we're also helping our clients to save money for many years to come.
We also believe customer relationships are very important. We work hard to build strong relationships with our clientele. This includes keeping customers in the loop during every step of the process.
Solar Home
How Solar Systems Work
Installing a solar powered system onto your residential property is an ideal way to reduce energy costs. But how does it work? We install solar panels onto the rooftop that converts the sun's rays into electricity. We mount the solar panels using specially designed aluminum racks that attach to your roof panels. There's a monitor attached to your solar system that you use to keep track of how much energy is being produced. There's a ground system that we also install that can either be mounted to your roof or on the ground. An inverter is also required to convert the DC power into AC power so your home appliances can use it. Last, the meter is set up to keep track of the energy you do & don't use. The leftover energy goes to the grid & spins the meter backwards. Your solar panels direct energy to your home & the excess energy that goes to the utility grid comes right back to you. So it's not energy wasted & no extra money spent on your energy consumption needs.
At iGreen Remodeling, we can set this all up for you. Besides the long-term cost-savings of setting up your solar panels, you can also witness upfront savings. The government awards tax breaks & rebates to residential & commercial property owners that install solar systems onto their properties.
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Residential Solar Power Products
It's very important that you purchase solar panels that are high-quality. It may be tempting to go with cheap models from overseas, but these are cheaply designed & crafted. The solar products we have are all the best in quality to provide you energy efficiency when it comes to solar. By purchasing from us, not only are you guaranteed quality, but you're also backing our economy. The panels we have are made with the highest quality, durability & performance. You get a high-performing cell structure with an elegant modern design. No bulky, ugly equipment diminishing the aesthetic appeal of your residential property. Call for our full warranty details!
Go Solar in Just 4 Steps
It doesn't take much to transform your home into a solar energy generating property. In just five steps, you can have everything set up and ready to go. Plus, you can get the peace of mind knowing you're working with the best in the industry. We offer custom-designed solar electric systems that best fit your rooftop. All you have to do is contact us for a consultation, then we design the system, delivery occurs, we do the installation & then you enjoy your newfound benefits of being solar.