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Services from iGreen - Residential solar installation

Homeowners are turning to solar energy as a way to reduce their reliance on the grid. We’ve helped countless homeowners over the years with solar system installations.

Services from iGreen - Commercial solar installation

By going solar, these entities can save money that can go into making other business-related improvements and growth.

Services from iGreen - solar battery backup

You can’t have a complete solar setup without battery backup. Solar panels are what soak up the sun’s energy, but without batteries, it won’t be able to store it for later use.

Services from iGreen - Roofing inspection

Your roof provides protection from outdoor elements. It’s crucial to have this inspected, maintained and repaired as needed.


Services from iGreen - Energy Cogeneration
You can use this for your commercial or industrial property to minimize power costs and your carbon footprint.
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Home remodeling Locally owned company, BBB accredited with an A+ rating, Best prices in Texas & California, Impeccable installations, Products designed in America, Discounts for military, police and firemen, Exceptional customer service. Rated 4.5/5 based on 21 customer reviews solar panel up and running well by 72M 350-3701081008101200021013000310140004PERC 72M 350-370
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solar Panel Eagle PERC 72M 350-370 Watt

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