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The art of roofing

The Art of Roofing

Roof for Thought

Having a roof over your head is something that can easily be taken granted. That is until your roof start to leak and shingles start to peel off and fall off. If you happen to be in this situation and own a home, chances are that professional roofing contractor is the one you thought about calling.


Roof Maintenance

Roof is one of the most overlooked areas of the home. But it should be regularly inspected and properly maintained in tip-top condition in order to maintain structural strength, protect interior household and the occupants. The excellent workmanship, careful assessment, and safety practices are required to accomplished successful result of a roofing service. Roof inspection is an important task. Roof Inspections includes checking them out for leaks, holes, wear and tear, missing shingles, funky & awful shingles, loosen flaps, popping-up ridge-caps, structural damage, clogged gutters and reporting of the findings. Prevention is the best medicine even for roofs.



Roofing is an art

Roof Work

Process of roofers' daily work heavily depends on weather. They can't work when it is raining or snowing. In the peak time of summer, they have to start work early with perimeter check of th house.And work continue as longer as daylight goes on. It is necessary to clear obstacles and keep the dust, noise, and smells to an absolute minimum to the people who may be going in and out of the building during working time.



Roof Repairs

Roof repair work includes everything to do with roofing, such as shingles to be replaced immediately, replacing entire roofs or tearing off roof areas requiring replacement without damage to the structure. Repair work should start after mutually agreed contract is signed between homeowner and roofing contractor.
Roof should be regularly inspected and properly maintained

Roofing Procedures

1. First, shingles are removed by shingle remover and the roof is checked for weak spots and defective area.
2. For some roof condition, plywood are laid down to replace base-layer where cedar shingles are needed to be replaced. This part of job is labor-intensive and can take time. It can become hard and time-consuming if the roof has multiple layers of asphalt shingles on top of Cedar Shake roofing with furring strips underneath. Actually, roofing is tough job which only professionals can handle.
3. Then, ice-and-water shield layer is laid on the top of the plywood properly and fastened firmly. Sometime, optional under-layment sheet of homeowner's choice are put down as weather barrier between the roofing materials and the roof.
4. Now, actual shingles are laid in straight precise position. Some homeowners may request particular laying pattern of shingles according to roof color of choice or design selection. In this case, everything needs to be done precisely and correctly to finish a roof in unique decorative design or array of cascading color.
5. It is important to pay particular attention to curve, angles, tight corners, shape and profile of surface when cutting sheets and fastening shingles. This will avoid human error and costly mistake. Keyways (gaps) are not supposed to be exposed to weather. Gutters should be cleared and clean for smooth water flow.
6. Finally, shingles are firmly secured by a roofing nail gun or hammer. This is final part of roofing process. Roofing should be completed on the same day before the next day on which weather can turn wet and rainy. A roofer have to protect the home from excess of water damage as well.
A professional contractor usually do a perfect job on time. Roofing work required a lot of energy, skill, precision and artistic workmanship. In other words, Roofing is an Art.



Roofing is an art

Roofing Service Available

If you are a home owner and need repair, maintenance or inspection for your roof, please let us know by calling number at the bottom. Our team of licensed, bonded and insured contractors are available to serve you. We'll make a perfect roof for your home. Our artistic workmanship and quality products comes with a 100% lifetime warranty. There's no substitute for good experience!

The followings are roofing services we offer:
Fascia Board Replacement
Roof Coatings
Plywood Installations
Reflective Coatings
Gutter Cleaning
Touchdown Roofing
Attic Ventilation



Roofing service available
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