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How many solar panels do I need?

Solar Cause

Nowadays, homeowners are seeing, hearing and learning of a great deal of ways to do solar panel installation. Many people are rightfully envious of people who own a modern home with shiny cool-looking solar panels on the rooftop. Some politicians and Law Makers are writing and passing new laws and regulations in order to reduce green-house emission and to combat the climate change. Scientists, engineers and technicians are constantly working on extensive research to enhance energy efficiency. Journalistsand editors are writing articles about renewable energy and how it can bring a greener tomorrow. Environmentalists and Non-Profit organization members are persuading the families and communities to save the planet by using Clean Energy. Solar energy companies are educating home and businessowners about the benefits of Going Solar and encouraging others to install solar panel systems. The general public are frequently reading and learning about money-savings from solar power system. All of the above mentioned have the same common goal, are on the same page and going in the same positive direction. It is time to go solar for better living overall.



Starting Point

Everyone knows that to go solar means to install solar panel system on the rooftop or on the ground. Before going solar, the first thing to do is to find a place to install solar system. Yes, most of the home and businesses usually have a place for solar installation. Alright, then, it is time to estimate the cost. And the amount of the cost directly depends on the number of solar panels to be installed.



Question Time

Now, people start to question:
Can we get the answer by asking a local solar company? Yes, you can, but it can take some time. Through the appointment process and obtaining quotes, it can take many months during a busy season to get cost comparisons. Can we use online software app or read the DIY Manual booklet and do it yourself? Yes. You can, but it can take a non-solar trained person much more time than an expert. Solar panels needed can be calculated by using the following four factors: (1) Your household power consumption (i.e. Electricity bill) (2) Local energy rate (3) Solar panel productivity (4) How many hours the sun shines daily in your area. The more the sun shines and the higher local energy rate means the less cost for installing a solar panel system.



Panel Productivity

Different solar panels produce different amounts of electricity output. The panel's power productivity varies among brands, size, materials, how much sunshine received, mounting angle, region and system. A standard commonly used 250 Watt solar panel normally produces 1 Kilo Watt per day. And a 300 Watt standard solar panel normally generates 1.25 KWh electricity per day. (KWh means - Kilo Watt per Hours, term used for amount of electricity used in one hour time frame.). The highest productivity can be achieved only on all sunshine day and panel is facing to the sun at the right angle. Unfortunately, solar panels do not always generate a steady stream of electricity all day due to conditions of the day that changes all the time.



Calculation Basic

First, gather the monthly electricity used (Monthly Power Consumption in KWh) and monthly cost amount (in dollars) from your energy bill. Dividing cost by the KWh will give you electricity rate per cent (Kwh/Cent). Divide Monthly Power Consumption in KWH by 30 (i.e. 30 days for a month). This will give Daily Power Consumption in KWH. Divide Daily Power Consumption in KWH by sunshine period in your area and this will give size of the system. Use up to 5 decimal points during mathematical calculation but round result up to two decimal points only for simplification purpose. Too many decimal points can increase margin of errors and decrease accuracy. Multiplying system size by price unit for a solar panel will render total cost for entire solar system installation. Now you need to find out price unit for solar panel. The price units for a solar panel vary from state to state, from manufacturer to manufacturer. You can obtain the price unit value for each state from local from the listing or online resources. The next step is to find out how many solar panel needed. Divide system size by solar panel wattage you choose will render numbers of panels needed. Now you know how many panel you need for your home. Generally, most common wattage being used nowadays is 250 Watt solar panels. Our company, iGreen uses unique and specially-designed 305 Watt solar panels. The higher wattage you choose, the lesser the number needed will be.



Easy Option

Too many steps and too much data may have made you confused? Are you lost? Or it even made you sick? Don't worry. There will be an answer for your frustration. We have other quick and easy ways to get the answer instantly and accurately. Please click button link below to go to our page to find out how many solar panels you will need for your home.


many solar panel do I need?



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