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About iGreen Remodeling

Serving California and Texas since 2004, iGreen Remodeling offers the best Solar Rebates, Financing & Installation service to make a solar home. We are fully licensed, certified and experienced solar installer. We handle everything - installing, permit process and all the HOA communications in Texas. to find out about our solar rebates, financing, low monthly payment options and low-cost solar panel installation. By Going Solar with us, you can save up to 50% on your monthly energy bills and save money on your Federal Tax and State ITCs.

Serving California & Texas with Clean Energy

The 2 States we service: The Golden Sate & The Lone Star State

Comfortably ahead of its rivals, California remains the undisputed leader when it comes to solar power in the U.S., with almost 23 GW of installed solar. Nearly 17 percent of California's electricity comes from solar, with the sector there employing more than 86,000 people. The state is home to some vast solar installations, including the Topaz Solar Farm, a photovoltaic facility that has the capacity to produce 550 megawatts of electricity.

While it may be known for its oil production, Texas is also home to a solar power sector that powers over 300,000 homes and employs just under 9,000 people, the SEIA says. It has over 2.6 GW of solar capacity.

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  • Locally  owned
  • We make solar easy to understand
  • Best prices in Texas & California
  • Impeccable installations
  • Products designed in America
  • Discounts for military, police and firemen
  • Exceptional customer service


iGreen Remodeling Builders

We help our customers upgrade their electrical systems to benefit their company needs, as well as the environment's. We do this using expert design, engineering and construction services to bring their energy needs from concept to fruition.

The top priority of iGreen Remodeling is to reduce the environmental impact of our building practices. And in doing so, we ensure that both our current clients and future generations benefit from lower-priced energy that's created using solar energy, energy-efficient roofing and HVAC systems.

Services - solar, electric installation and roofing

Who Are the Experts Behind iGreen Remodeling?

The team at iGreen Remodeling is made up of individuals who are experienced, inspired and committed to making the future cleaner and brighter.  When you hire our professionals for your energy improvements, you get excellent customer service. We take pride in keeping our clients well-informed throughout the design and installation process. This, in turn, helps to build strong relationships and provides a great experience to our clientele.

We value the relationships we build with our clients because it establishes trust and harmony. To date, we've received countless referrals from our past clients, which is driven by the great experiences they've had with our business.  And this further proves the exceptional quality of our designs, installations and project management. We're the trusted energy adviser to business owners, schools, homeowners, government facilities and non-profits across California.

Clients that choose to work with iGreen Remodeling are given personal attention to ensure their energy needs are met. You speak with a real person when you contact our offices, not an automated system. Then we're with you every step of the way to ensure your solar needs are met today and for years to come.  You can view us as your partner in this endeavor to build a cleaner and more efficient future.

Why Choose iGreen Remodeling Builders?

The #1 reason our clients choose us is because we make going solar a breeze. On day one, we work to build real relationships with our customers. Once you make an appointment, one of our advisors will meet with you in your home or business at no extra cost.  From here, we'll decide what the best energy solutions are for your property. This is determined by the size of your roof, your electricity bills, shingles and seasonal energy consumption.  No research is required on your end because our experts bring all the knowledge. Any questions you have are answered on the spot or you can contact our office to inquire about any concerns you may have.

After your in-home analysis is finished, you'll receive a complete report of your solar energy options. Go over it with your spouse, business partner, family and friends, so you can feel confident that you're decision to go solar is the right choice.  When you decide to proceed forward, we will oversee obtaining building permits, inspections and connection to the utility grid.

What Are the Benefits of Going Solar?

Now, there are many benefits of choosing solar energy for your home or business. The most obvious is the energy cost savings. Since you're using energy from a free source – the sun – you're able to minimize the load you're property has on the utility grid.  This means less fossil fuels being used up and less money you have to pay to your electric company. The more solar panels you get, the less energy you have to use from your utility company.  And let's not forget the reduced impact you'll have on the environment. Solar energy is a clean alternative to burning fossil fuels that pollute the atmosphere.

By switching to solar, you're saving not just your money, but the earth as well!

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